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Microblading: Step 1
Step 1: Design the Brow
We customize the perfect brow for your face shape. We never use stencils because we know each pair of brows is unique to our clients.
Microblading: Step 2
Step 2: Numbing the Skin
We make this process as comfortable as possible by using the most advanced numbing creams and topical gels.
Microblading: Step 3
Step 2: Microblading Begins
Each hair stroke is performed to follow the natural shape of your brows to enhance your facial structure.


What is Microblading?

Microblading combines detailed facial analysis with artistry to create a unique look designed to enhance your best features without changing the structure or integrity of your face. Our clients, trust our approach to create sophisticated, but sexy brows that are in harmony with their personality and looks.

Microblading is minimally invasive, inserting high grade semi-permanent makeup pigments into the superficial layers of the eyebrow skin. The result... a long lasting illusion of sculpted, perfect brows.

The pigments fade gradually, allowing you to change up your brow shape, color, or thickness at a future appointment if you wish. We recommend a touch up once per year to maintain the color and shape since the pigment fades over time.

Microblading is an amazing alternative to traditional permanent makeup, eyebrow transplants, and cosmetic tattooing, which can have lifelong unnatural looking results over time.

Let Precision Microblading highlight your best features and natural beauty.

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